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Adler Europe Group is developing three modern brand ADLER Europe, CAMRY Home Premium and MESKO. As one of the leading home appliance industry in Central Europe we have gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers. With passion we create and distribute reliable products that help in performing household tasks, facilitate the care of the body and serve medical purposes and entertainment. For 25 years, we are guided by the idea of making available high-quality devices to the greatest number of customers. With a thorough understanding of the needs of households, we have developed more than 800 products, which have so far been recognized in 35 countries around the world. Customers choose our products because of the comfort of use, attractive appearance and good price-performance ratio. We follow the changing market trends all the time to meet the expectations of demanding customers, both technically and visually. Products of our brands have all necessary approvals and certifications required by law.