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A handy and pretty vacuum cleaner. It is very precise thanks to its upholstery brush combined with crevice nozzle and to the 3D floor nozzle with retractable brush. It is easy-to-use due to its flexible soft wheels, ergonomic carrying handle and cable rewind system.

Set of 5 paper bags with filters for Vacuum Cleaner ADLER AD7007
  • • A set of paper bags with filter (5+2) for the vacuum cleaner model AD 7010
Polyurethane Foam Inlet Filter For ADLER AD7011 Vacuum Cleaner
  • • A set of 5 paper bags (no filter) for the vacuum cleaner model AD 7011

A top quality vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful motor rated at maximum 1400W. It allows to clean easily floors, carpets and upholstered furniture. The vacuum cleaner is extremely precise thanks to its 3D floor nozzle with retractable brush, upholstery brush co

The 7022 model is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner. Rated at 1500W and having 10m operating radius, the vacuum cleaner makes it easy not only to clean a house but also a large terrace or veranda. It also allows to collect water and is waterproof. It is comfortable i

Set of 5 fabric bags for ADLER AD7022 Vacuum cleaner

CR7031 robot sweeper makes it much easier for you to vacuum the home, or rather it vacuums it for you. It was designed in a way that allows it to move around the room, reaching all parts of it. It is particularly useful in two situations: when you do not want to was

Regular cleaning and getting rid of the ashes is necessary if you want your fireplace to remain fully functional and the Camry AD 7035 ash vacuum cleaner is a perfect tool/device for it. What makes it different from regular vacuums is that it can deal with both cold