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Adler AD 4477 150W sorbet maker can change frozen fruits into healthy, colourful sorbets which not only taste great but also look amazing. It is up to you whether you are going to to go for sweet strawberries, sour lemon, juicy watermelon, or maybe use other ingredients. Choose the fruits that you like the most and create a perfect dessert for the whole family!

Alternative for ice-creams

Sorbets are not so easy to get in shops as popular ice-creams, as they require the use of more expensive ingredients and a different manufacturing technology. Having the AD4477 sorbet maker at home you can create the alternative for ice-creams at any moment. You choose what ingredients you are going to use and, instead of preservatives, artificial food colorants, and huge amounts of sugar, you get a delicious sorbet made directly from frozen fruits. Furthermore sorbets are a great choice for vegetarians and people with lactose or milk proteins intolerance.

Not only for family

Children in particular are fond of cold desserts, and thanks to the AD4477 you can prepare them at any time. But they will not be the only ones to appreciate the homemade, healthy sorbet. The invited guests will be delighted as well! Particularly on hot summer days. The machine is extremely easy and handy to use and clean.

  • Power: 150w
  • Plastic Body
  • Safe uptime: 5 minutes
  • Re-use interval: 10 minutes
  • Availability of product: available
    EAN code: 5908256839465
    Net weight 1 pce: 1.6 kg
    Gross weight 1 pce: 1.6 kg
    Giftbox dimensions: 26.7 x 22.6 x 18 cm
    Carton dimensions: 70 x 28 x 37 cm
    Pieces in carton: 6