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The citrus juicer with the power of 25W helps you prepare juice from grapefruits, oranges, lemons or limes in a very comfortable way. A specialspout makes it easy for juice to flow directly into your favorite glass. What is more, after using the juicer, you have to

A solid device for those who wish to prepare home made sausages and ground meat. It is equipped with three cutting sieves (exchangeable): one to mince meat, the second for poppy seeds, the third one has the middle-sized holes. In the set a plunger and sausage filler

Freshly baked waffles are a great dessert or snack. The 1500W Adler AD 3036 waffle maker allows you to prepare up to 4 crispy waffles at once. The heating plates are covered with a special non-stick coating which makes it easier to take out the waffles and clean th