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The citrus juicer with the power of 25W helps you prepare juice from grapefruits, oranges, lemons or limes in a very comfortable way. A specialspout makes it easy for juice to flow directly into your favorite glass. What is more, after using the juicer, you have to

A solid device for those who wish to prepare home made sausages and ground meat. It is equipped with three cutting sieves (exchangeable): one to mince meat, the second for poppy seeds, the third one has the middle-sized holes. In the set a plunger and sausage filler

The AD 3038 wafer maker is appreciated by lovers of fresh wafers, which pleasantly crunch during eating. Thanks to the Cone maker you gain the opportunity to prepare a delicious dessert in just a few moments needed to mix the dough and heat the plates. In this way,

The Adler AD7961 , 45W air purifier is a modern solution to the problem of smog and other air pollutants such as allergens, dust particles, animal hair and germs. Its performance of 150m3/h makes it possible to quickly purify the air in rooms of up to 20m2.